3 Kick-Ass Books For Coaches, Trainers, And Anyone Else Trying To Make A Living

With my Audible credits renewed and a quick trip to the used book store, I got to dive into some serious gems these past couple weeks.

By pleasant happenstance, they all joined forces to feed my business / coaching brain more than anything else, and I wanted to share the wealth with those of you who could possibly use it.


Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking – By Susan Cain // If you work with people, you need to read this book. Obviously that includes coaches, trainers, teachers, and counselors. But if you have co-workers, children, family, or any other important relationship in your life, I’d still argue this is definitely worth the time and money to have a better understanding of how different people operate.

I grew up thinking I was an extreme extrovert. Most people I meet still think this is true, even though I have slowly developed a greater need for my precious alone time year after year. This book helped me figure myself out a bit better while also inspiring me to rethink a few of the ways we do things at 3DMJ. Perhaps we could be more accommodating to athletes who struggle with their communication skills. I’ll think more on this in the following weeks and keep y’all posted.


The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It By Michael E. Gerber // Holy crap this was a GAME CHANGER. I think this would have served me better a couple of years ago, but it helped clarify a lot of observations I previously had to learn the hard way.

In my opinion, of anyone who regularly reads this blog, the people who would most benefit from this book would be gym-owners, in-person coaches, or anyone else who owns/operates a brick and mortar business.

While it COULD help the online solo-preneur, it’s geared a bit more toward people running multi-person operations. Especially those who created their business because they loved their craft but wanted to “be their own boss”. Turns out this is usually a terrible idea, but luckily the author gives a plethora of examples of how to turn that around.


Rework By Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson // These dudes could not have done more of a service for people like us working in a digital age. I read this entire book in one sitting before bed last night.

No frills, no excuses, no unnecessary explanations, just a lot of sound lessons from a couple of guys who have built one of the most profitable online communication software businesses to date. Some of their advice: stop trying to grow, don’t listen to your customers, think like a drug dealer, and quit needing things ASAP.

Note: Books 2 and 3 above seem to contradict each other if you are not paying attention with an open mind. It helps if you already have a really good understanding of your current business (or the future business you want) before committing yourself for or against any of the presented ideas.

Honestly, THREE f*cking phenomenal books in a row is a serious hot streak and I definitely cannot complain.

I hope y’all enjoy these reads as much as I did. 🙂

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