My back squat mind ninja trick

Just finished a 1RM testing cycle on a bunch of my lifts. It reminded me of this thing I do on squats.

Pro tip: Always unrack the weight with as much strength and speed as possible.

Feeling that bar “fly” out of the rack gives me a good radar on how the very next rep is gonna go.

If your bar can’t explode out of the J hooks, you might be trying something that is out of your capabilities.

If it can, you should mentally note that let it feed the squat that’s about to happen.

This isn’t a science, just something that I have found to be extremely useful for myself. If you think it’s dumb or find that it doesn’t work for you, don’t use it.

Either way, just remember that confidence is everything. Do whatever you need to get your mind right and stick with it.

Even when I know I’m tricking myself on purpose, it still works.

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  • I definitely have experienced the same thing. I wouldn’t say it’s with lots of speed, necessarily but definitely with strength (but, I’m splitting hairs). I guess it’s the same as squeezing a deadlift off the floor, or the likes.