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Two questions for every training session

Via Michael Gervais, here are the two most important things to ask yourself after every single practice:

1 – What went well?

2 -What do I want to work on?

Always acknowledge a victory, no matter how small. Always recognize opportunities for improvements rather than the errors themselves.

The specific language is SUPER important here, and I’d encourage you to listen to Gervais’ full explanation in this Brute Strength Podcast interview below.

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My back squat mind ninja trick

Just finished a 1RM testing cycle on a bunch of my lifts. It reminded me of this thing I do on squats.

Pro tip: Always unrack the weight with as much strength and speed as possible.

Feeling that bar “fly” out of the rack gives me a good radar on how the very next rep is gonna go.

If your bar can’t explode out of the J hooks, you might be trying something that is out of your capabilities.

If it can, you should mentally note that let it feed the squat that’s about to happen.

This isn’t a science, just something that I have found to be extremely useful for myself. If you think it’s dumb or find that it doesn’t work for you, don’t use it.

Either way, just remember that confidence is everything. Do whatever you need to get your mind right and stick with it.

Even when I know I’m tricking myself on purpose, it still works.

Muscle Growth Is Slow – Try This Instead

This post originally appeared on the 3D Muscle Journey blog in May 2017.

One of the most common detriments to physique and strength athletes is their impatience.

Everybody wants to be ten times more aesthetic and strong than they currently are, and they want it to have been achieved yesterday.

You might even have a very solid nutritional and training plan in place to ensure muscle growth over time, but still not look the way you want to look or lift the way you want to lift.

So what gives? Why do you feel like nothing is happening and you are spinning your wheels and wasting your time? Why aren’t you “there” yet?

In essence, if you’ve given your sport a good amount of time and effort, why hasn’t it rewarded you in return?

Well, I’d like to argue that your reward system might be a little messed up.— Read More…

Training for GRID Makes Me a Better Bodybuilder

I’ve talked about this many times on our 3DMJ podcast, but have never actually written out these ideas until now.

This article will serve as an update on my athletic progress as a bodybuilder after one year of not trying to be one.


About 13 months ago, I began working with my coach, David Charbonneau, in hopes of making it into the National Pro Grid League (NPGL) one day. And by “one day”, I mean sometime in the next 5 years.— Read More…