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This site is my personal collection of notes and opinions on athletics, work, and life.

Maybe You Should NOT Be a Fitness Entrepreneur

The article below is the script I wrote myself before recording a piece of audio for a multi-guest episode of the Shredded By Science Podcast.

When the host of said episode requested us to come up with “the one fitness industry thing we wish would die in 2017”, I came up with what is written below.

For the full audio of that SBS Podcast episode, CLICK HERE. I am the first contributor, and my part is delivered within the first 15 minutes.— Read More…

Training for GRID Makes Me a Better Bodybuilder

I’ve talked about this many times on our 3DMJ podcast, but have never actually written out these ideas until now.

This article will serve as an update on my athletic progress as a bodybuilder after one year of not trying to be one.


About 13 months ago, I began working with my coach, David Charbonneau, in hopes of making it into the National Pro Grid League (NPGL) one day. And by “one day”, I mean sometime in the next 5 years.— Read More…