Andrea & Friends 006 – Abdullah Zeinab

In this conversation, I’m talking to the wisest 23 year old I know, Abdullah Zeinab.

He’s a former 3DMJ athlete and a big YouTube personality, whose days consist of waking up at 2am, delivering food, and making endurance cycling documentaries.

Abdullah is a very dear friend of the entire 3DMJ crew, and he’s such a breathe of fresh air in a world filled with over planning, over thinking, and overly obsessing about how we’re perceived by other people.

It’s like he was sent on this earth to help me clarify what matters and what should be simple in my life. You guys are in for a treat with a ton of quick and hard lessons about work, food, media, relationships, goals, and life perspectives in general.

Here is the sixth installment of Andrea & Friends Abdullah Zeinab.

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