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Your Sport Owes You Nothing – You Owe It

As someone who’s life has done nothing but benefit from athletics since the age of six, I can become extremely disgruntled and disheartened when people do not respect their craft.

And yes, sports done well, is indeed, a craft.

With performance-based sports, this is sometimes recognized and honored. With “fitness” or cosmetic sports it is most-often not.

But regardless of the outcome you are attempting to chase with your physical body, nothing is more disgraceful than to steal it’s beauty and intent by making it your meal ticket.— Read More…

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

A few weeks ago I listened to an audiobook titled “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life”.

About 20 minutes into it, way before the end of the first chapter, I honestly thought to myself that this is the book everyone in my life should read.

To be clear, I’ve never thought that about any other book. There have been some that I think would be so great for some people, but this one was for EVERYONE.

While it didn’t uncover anything incredibly new or different for me in principle (it mostly offered some valuable reminders and a ton of giggles), it opened my eyes to how a typically lame-sounding topic can be livened up if delivered by the right person with the right tone.— Read More…

Why I Work for Free

Since becoming the first (and only) additional member of Team 3D Muscle Journey (3DMJ) in in late 2015, many emailers and interviewers want to know how in the hell I pulled that off.

The full story is longwinded and you can find it in a previous podcast interview or two, but the short version is that I have spent enormous amounts of time performing work for free.— Read More…

“Finding” Self-Awareness Is Bullshit

I wish new ideas and concepts lasted longer for me.

I can go from never hearing about something, to thinking I’m an early adopter, to being immersed in it, to being slightly over it, to absolutely hating it with every shred of my existence.

The term “self awareness” is one of those things.

Sure, I agree that it’s one of the backbones of human existence. To “know thyself” is one of life’s greatest keys to progress and happiness.

(Ugh, sometimes the word “happiness” makes me wanna vomit, too.)

But unfortunately, because I’m personally so worn out of these cliche positive thinking terms, I find it almost unbearable to be around people who preach them.

How can you NOT know yourself?

— Read More…

Maybe You Should NOT Be a Fitness Entrepreneur

The article below is the script I wrote myself before recording a piece of audio for a multi-guest episode of the Shredded By Science Podcast.

When the host of said episode requested us to come up with “the one fitness industry thing we wish would die in 2017”, I came up with what is written below.

For the full audio of that SBS Podcast episode, CLICK HERE. I am the first contributor, and my part is delivered within the first 15 minutes.— Read More…