Real Fitness Professionals Are Over the CrossFit Hate

A long time ago, everyone shit on CrossFit. 

It was understandable.

Here was a wannabe “sport” where people were flailing about doing mostly ugly movements and you were either 100% into drinking the Kool-Aid or you were out.

Again, most of us in health and fitness were out. It all looked way to sketchy and unsafe a decade ago.

But now, things are different.

It’s a legitimate sport that has only continued to grow and refine itself.

The elite CrossFit athletes have coaches with solid methodologies, they eat to perform, and they have clean and efficient movements.

You don’t have to agree with the format or organization of the sport, but you can’t deny there are some pretty cool things going on.

Humans are super strong AND fast. They have endurance skills AND gymnastics skills. They are good at strongman movements AND rowing for hours. It’s all quite nuts, but it’s all becoming more common.

So when I still see some strength coaches, fitness professionals, or healthcare providers STILL talk about how dumb CrossFit is, it upsets me on a principle level.

Anyone interested in human performance should be examining CrossFit and thinking “what the hell are they doing right?”

Instead of asking “why do they look so dumb”, they should be asking “what about this movement works so well for them?”

I’m not saying you have to be a fan, but publicly bashing it this late in the game just shows a lack of growth and a closed mind. 

You aren’t “the only person who stuck to their guns”.

You look like someone who “can’t keep up with the changing times” and is super bitter about it. 

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