My First 8 Hours of Every Weekday

Brandon wakes me up every morning.

When he tells me goodbye before heading to work, it serves as my alarm clock. This usually happens around 10:00 or 10:30am.

Without leaving the bed, I take my thyroid medicine (because I have Hashimoto’s disease) which is supposed to be consumed on an empty stomach. 

While I wait the required 30 minutes before breakfast for maximum medicinal effectiveness, I lay in bed journaling and writing random things for my website like this piece you’re reading now. I use the Simplenote app on my iPhone to do this.

Breakfast is always the same and consists of two tacos. I scramble three whole brown eggs and split it into two tortillas that are a mix of flour and corn (SO delicious. If you live in Texas please try them from HEB), then add fat free cheese.

Before, during, and after breakfast I’m drinking a 16oz serving of Propel with 3-4g of micronized creatine monohydrate. 

I also take a half or full caffeine tablet (Vivarin is the best IMO) with breakfast depending on how tired I am and what I have to accomplish during the first half of my day. It’s usually just 100mg, but once or twice a week it’s 200mg if I’m feeling extra tired or didn’t sleep well.

As soon as I’m finished eating, I wash my dishes and get ready for the day. 

I brush my teeth and rinse my face and take 10 to 15 minutes to make myself look presentable enough to feel comfortable and confident for whatever work and/or errands I have to do throughout the next 4 or 5 hours.

From here, I typically have just 2 “default” scenarios for what happens until 4pm:


1 – FULL WORK DAY (2-3 x per week)

This means I have a full 4 hours to work at my desk. 

I have a home office so I often just stay here while getting up to do random chores every hour to break up the sitting.

Sometimes I’ll head to a local library or bookstore to stay there for the working hours. These are more fun because I can occasionally get up to browse the stacks when I need a break.


2 – APPOINTMENT DAY (2-3 x per week)

Currently (as of early 2020), I often have appointments for physical therapy, dental work, eyelash extensions, manicures, doctor visits, hair cuts, etc. 

These all usually last about an hour on average, and I try not to have more than 2 appointments per week.

On those days, I make sure to book these appointments around noon or 1pm so I can do a bit of work before, and a quick grocery run afterwards before the stores get too busy.

Once back home I dive into work again until it’s time for eat again around 3:30 or 4. 

Lunch is the exact same meal about 95% of the time: pre-cooked rosemary chicken breast, green beans, and mashed potatoes from Whole Foods.

I just put it all on a baking sheet and pop it in the oven for 15-20 min to reheat. While it’s cooking, I often work on the 3DMJ Instagram or this blog. 

I eat lunch at my kitchen counter while either listening to an audiobook or watching a MasterClass video on my iPad.

Once that’s down the hatch, I get myself ready for my mid-day break.

I give myself about 90 min a day to read in bed until I fall asleep and take a nap. 

Up until this point, around 5:30 or 6:00pm, my days are all the same.

The evenings are filled with weight training, gymnastics practices, meetings, errands, more work time, hanging out with Brandon, or whatever else comes my way. It’s definitely not as consistent as the first half of my day, so I don’t think it would be useful to write about.

So I’ll leave this piece here. 

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