Neutral Is Better Than Negative

You don’t have to be “happy for” people who have it better than you, but you don’t have to be mad at them either. 

People are literally getting upset that celebrities are posting themselves quarantined at their OWN HOUSE. Saying they should “be more humble” about it.

Like, bro, ITS THEIR HOME, they shouldn’t have to hide it because you have a smaller one for whatever reason.

… okay sorry sorry…end rant…

But like any tragedy, the Coronavirus is bringing out the most honest versions of ourselves. The good look good-er and the nasty/jealous peeps looks extra jelly.


I’m grateful for whatever circumstances led me to a place where I can see something I want, and have it fall into one of two categories:

1 – whoa that’s awesome. I’m gonna get that thing because I can afford to and its a priority. 


2 – I either haven’t earned enough yet, don’t REALLY want it as bad as I think I do, or am unwilling to live a life that is required in order to have said thing.


When I was a bratty kid in middle school I would be like “must be nice to have a sick ass pair of Doc Marten sandals to go with every outfit” or “must be nice to have a pool in your back yard”, but I grew up.

More importantly, I became someone with agency instead of self pity.

And lastly, regardless of how giant someone’s house (aka quarantine station) might be…lonely is lonely.

We should be happy for the internet and social media which allow us feel somewhat connected in this time of isolation.

I mean, personally, I’m fine. I love being at home with my phone calls and Wifi options as saviors when needed.

But I have to respect the people who require more human interaction.

And it’s part of our collective responsibility to let them reach out in whatever way they can.

(Even if that includes making TikToks with their house staff in backyard bungalows that are bigger than my entire apartment lol.)

You can see their lifestyle as a luxury without letting it ruin your day.

You can want what they have without making them into villains for having it.

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