Wear Sparkles Every Damn Day

I had a blast at ACL last weekend. It’s one of the biggest music festivals in the world, and probably one of the most fun places to watch people.

Festival attire can be hilarious, playful, colorful, and sexual.

It’s sort of like Halloween in that a very large amount of younger people see this as an excuse to wear almost nothing. And what they *do* decide to wear is obnoxiously loud and off-beat.

Most years, it’s INSANELY hot at ACL and I totally get wanting to be naked in attempts to cool your skin from the fiery hell that is Austin, TX weather.

But this year, for the second weekend of the festival, it’s been rather chilly. At 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, it is a record low.

And what do ya know…Everyone is still colorful and sparkly and half naked!

Still body paint, still bedazzled faces, still brighter-than-average clothing, still the fishnets and crop tops and see-through mesh pants and skirts.

So it would appear that people just really enjoy dressing and looking like this…Cool deal! Wear whatever floats your damn boat!

But if that’s their preference, where they’ll put forth the effort to dress so vividly despite this year’s gloomy and cold weather, why the hell don’t they do this every day?

Like why do people who love dressing up so much choose to almost never do it?

Other than job-related apparel standards (which are only needed 40 hours per week for most people), looking “normal” is not required.

What is stopping you from wearing stars on your face every day? 

Or from wearing fishnets every day? 

Or at least every weekend when not at work?

I guess the big question is really this…

Why do we reserve looking how we want to look (or feeling how we want to feel) until there is an occasion that socially “allows” it?



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